How you can join a automotive stereo to a home plug [No PSU Needed]

How you can hook up a automotive stereo to AC energy?

You require a bridge of 12V AC-to-DC energy provider/adapter between the wall outlet and automotive stereo to connect with a home plug. Join the black wire to affix the adverse terminals of the facility provider and the stereo. Furthermore, mix the RCA and optimistic (pink) wires of the amp and join this mixture to the optimistic terminal of the provider. Put the home plug of the facility provider into any wall socket and also you’re good to go.

Are you changing your automotive stereo and need to arrange the outdated unit in the home as a result of it boasts higher sound high quality than common light-weight residence stereos?

You are able to do that provided that you know the way to attach a automotive stereo to a home plug. A automotive stereo operates on the 12V DC. In the meantime, the facility shops in our homes present 110V AC.

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You will want a bridge of AC-to-DC energy provider between the wall outlet and amplifier to make use of the stereo at residence. If you wish to wire a automotive stereo to a 12 V battery see this text.

On this submit, we’ll stroll you thru all of the steps on how you can join a automotive stereo to a home plug.

With out additional ado, let’s discover out how one can make use of your automotive stereo at residence.

What You Will Must Comply with This Information

  • AC-to-DC energy provider
  • 10-gauge black and pink wires and 16-gauge wire
  • A wire stripper

How you can wire a automotive stereo to an outlet plug (STEPS + VIDEO)

Decide the present score of your automotive stereo

All automotive stereos work on the 12V DC however draw totally different portions of present. Subsequently, it’s a must to first decide how a lot present your stereo unit attracts.

You’ll find that out by wanting on the amplifier’s present score within the person handbook. Discovering this out is vital as a result of you’ll have to purchase the AC-to-DC energy provider accordingly.

Deliver the facility provider for the required present score

ALITOVE DC 12V 10A 120W Power...

Often, automotive stereos function at 12V DC with 10A present score. Subsequently, now we have picked an AC-to-DC energy provider that gives voltage conversion at this present score.

If you wish to use the automotive stereo with a home plug for a very long time with out experiencing any malfunction, spend money on an influence provider that boasts good warmth dissipation and options thermal and voltage cutoffs and brief circuit safety.

Put together the Wiring

That is the most vital and exhaustive step of how you can join a automotive stereo to a home plug. You will want three totally different wires to attach your stereo with the AC-to-DC energy provider.

  • A ten-gauge pink wire
  • A ten-gauge black wire
  • A 16-gauge wire (of any colour aside from black and pink)

Make sure the lengths of those wires are lengthy sufficient to attach the stereo with the facility provider in a setting you need to use the stereo at residence.

After ensuring that wires are of the required size, take away ½ inch insulations from each ends of all three wires. Use any top-quality wire stripper to take away insulation with out messing up wires and shorten their lengths.

Join the Wires to the Stereo and AC-to-DC energy provider

Free the connecting screws on the optimistic (+), adverse (-), and RCA terminals of the amp. Any flat-head screwdriver will do the deed.


  • Insert the 10-gauge pink wire within the optimistic terminal, 10-gauge black wire within the adverse terminal, and 16-gauge wire within the RCA terminal. Tighten the screws to securely clamp the wires to their respective terminals.
  • Twist the uncovered ends of 10-gauge pink wire and 16-gauge RCA wire collectively to make them one consolidated connection. The three wires coming from the amp have now transformed into 2-wire enter.

Then free the optimistic and adverse terminals of the AC-to-DC energy provider. Slide the twisted pink wire into the optimistic finish of the facility provider and black wire to the adverse finish and tighten the screws.

Your stereo has been related to the facility provider and all set to work with a home plug and wall sockets.

Plug the facility provider right into a wall socket

Put the home plug of the facility provider into any wall socket in the home and swap on the button on the wall in addition to the facility provider. Your stereo will activate instantly and be prepared for taking part in your favourite music.


Is it secure to attach my automotive stereo to a home plug?

So long as you utilize the correct adapter and observe security pointers, connecting your automotive stereo to a home plug will be secure.

Can I harm my automotive stereo by connecting it to a home plug?

In case you use an improper adapter or overload the circuit, it’s potential to wreck your automotive stereo.

Do I would like to make use of a transformer when connecting my automotive stereo to a home plug?

No, you do not want to make use of a transformer so long as you utilize the correct AC to DC energy adapter.


We hope you discover how you can join a automotive stereo to a home plug information useful. A bunch of wires and an AC-to-DC energy adapter are all it’s essential to play your automotive stereo at residence. In case you discover this tutorial useful, don’t neglect to share it with fellow audiophiles additionally seeking to arrange their automotive stereos at residence.

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